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dvd and www.classic - Black Curvy Cuties 3. It's two hours of twelve first and only time ever seen Texas girls! They do an interview then "pose to please" choreography. As with all G.D. Douglass videos you'll enjoy all those "spread leg", "spread cheeck", "show pink" poses.

Goddess Soma loves to tease and punish her new bar sluts in bondage. She leaves her new bar slut bound and gagged while she enjoys a cigarette and a glass of wine in the beautiful weather. Grey and Raining; just the way Goddess likes it. She decides to tie her bar slut up in another revealing position. The bar slut wants to impress Goddess and will do anything she says, even being tied outside in the rain! Our next film is about Sonya, Goddess Soma's slave. She has been bitching in the car all the way home from their fetish event. Goddess decides to put Sonya into some tight restricting bondage to teach her a lesson. Nice strong ties in very revealing positions. Soma finishes off her slave with an incredible forced orgasm.

Ya, it's time to talk about bitches. Them desperate, chicken headed porno bitches. Sure, they smile and front for the scenes, but what are they like off camera? Well, we about to spit mad truth about them bitches. Wanna know which chicks have good head-game and which are addicted to Negro cock? All that dirty shit and more is right here, playa. Check it out.

After pursuing the firey Lydia Mclane in "Playing With Fire" only to be defeated; Jewell persists in her quest to dominate her own little slave girl and Jewell seems to have it bad for red heads in this series! In the sequel Playing With Fire 2, Jewell has the delectably sweet Madison Young in her clutches and it is not at all willing to let her go. Lucky for Jewell, Madison is content and quite eager to please her "Mistress Jewell" and willingly endures all of the strict bondage positions that the devious Jewell puts her in, in hopes to get rewarded in the end! And believe me Madison's rear end gets much more than just a reward! Check out the tight rope bondage, the leather straps, gloves, and boots, the mummification and how Jewell gets her climax, the hot girl/girl action, and all the the sweet pussy juice left by Madison after Jewell makes her have an orgasms from betweeen her slaves quivering open legs!

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